31 July through 2 August 2006
Renaissance Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Organizers: Rosemary Knight (Stanford University, rknight@stanford.edu), Klaus Holliger (University of Lausanne, Klaus.Holliger@unil.ch), David Hyndman (Michigan State University, hyndman@msu.edu)

There is wide recognition of the challenges we face, throughout the world, in providing clean sources of water for human consumption, while balancing the needs of the natural world. Evaluating and managing groundwater supplies requires significant advances in both science and technology. There is also a growing perception that the emerging field of “hydrogeophysics” has the potential to play a role in achieving these goals that is comparable to the role played by reservoir geophysics today in securing the world’s energy supplies. To this end, we propose to hold an SEG Summer Research Workshop to assess the state-of-the art and explore the new frontiers in the use of geophysical methods for the characterization of groundwater aquifers and the long-term management of the resource. The scope of specific problems to be addressed include characterization of groundwater aquifers at various scales; modeling and monitoring of recharge and withdrawal rates; monitoring and prediction of groundwater quality; quantitative integration of geophysical, hydrological data and/or remote sensing data; and evaluation of novel methods of temporary/seasonal subsurface water storage. Given the inherent conceptual similarities of geophysical approaches to aquifer and reservoir characterization, we particularly welcome presentations that explore geophysical approaches from the petroleum industry that can be adapted and transferred to applications in water resources.

Schedule of Events:
Monday 31 July: morning and afternoon sessions, with group lunch
Tuesday 1 August: morning session; evening poster and beer session.
Wednesday 2 August: morning and afternoon sessions

Technical Sessions:
SESSION 1: Characterization of Aquifers and Reservoirs at the Regional Scale
SESSION 2/3: Characterization of Aquifers and Reservoirs at the Site Scale (2 sessions)
SESSION 4: Imaging of Subsurface Flow and Transport Processes
SESSION 5: Emerging Hydrogeophysical Methods

For more information, please contact the organizing committee.

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